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Sephora Holiday Sale – My favorite hair & beauty finds

What a wonderful time of year… the Sephora Holiday Sale 2021 is finally here! I’ll be sharing my favorite go-to hair, skin, & makeup products!

If you’ve been wanting to splurge on beauty products, this is the time to do it when you can snag them all on sale with the code: YAYHOLIDAY

First up from the Sephora Holiday Sale is my favorite hair products that I use daily! One thing you know about me is my obsession to healthy hair care. All these products I swear by.

Sephora Holiday Sale 2021 Favorite hair care for healthy long hair

Now to my favorite skincare products from the Sephora Holiday Sale 2021. I use most of these products if not daily, every other day if it’s a mask. Now is the perfect time to stock up on skincare products while you can get them out a discount. And if not for yourself a perfect gift to have someone start investing in their skin!

Sephora Holiday Sale 2021 Favorite Skincare products

Lastly my favorite makeup finds from the sale! I wear very minimal makeup when it comes to my make up routine, but I feel like with these few products you can get an efffortless look without having your face feel like it has pounds of makeup on it, which is honestly my biggest pet peeve. I love products that are lightweight that I can’t even feel on my skin, so I HIGHLY recommend these products to you from the Sephora Holiday Sale if you don’t like that heavy feeling either. Let me know if you end up trying these products, and your thoughts!

Sephora Holiday Sale Favorite Makeup Gift Guide LTK

I did also see that Laneige had their Lip Sleeping Masks in a gift set, I honestly think this would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for friends! If this is out of stock already, I did find them also for sale here for only $18.

I hope this guide helps you shop the Sephora Holiday Sale 2021! Happy to answer any questions you do have! Happy holiday shopping! 💖

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