The best finds of Target style fall haul 2020

Hi friends, the time has finally arrived for the long and awaited best finds of Target style fall haul of 2020! There is soooo much good stuff each week at Target that I sure have been collecting over the past few weeks to share with you all! So just consider this one of the many Target style fall fashion hauls of 2020 you will be seeing!

I’ll be going through sizing and my review of each piece shared in this blog today!

If you have ANY questions about colors or sizing feel free to leave me a comment down below and I will be happy to respond to you all. Because let’s be honest not knowing how something fits or how the size runs is the worst if you are ordering online!

Plus with Target’s fitting rooms being closed at this time during the pandemic it can be even hard to eye what size you’ll need in the store. So I hope I can do my best to explain each fit and size!

Yayy! Let’s get started on this Target style fall haul of 2020, shall we!? I found a handful of darling tops and sweaters so let’s start with those!

Instantly I was smittened with this soft cozy stretchy sweater! In this sweater, I am wearing a size small for a somewhat oversized fit. I tend to bounce between small and medium in tops depending on the fit. I am a bigger chested girl, so I don’t like anything way too tight around my chest area lol. Anyone else bigger chested and tend to hide them more?

The material of this burgundy sweater is super-soft and so stretchy! This is probably one of my favorite sweaters I have! I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a crewneck sweater this fall! I paired it above with this wide brim fedora floppy hat that’s from Target as well!

A closet can never have too many sweaters, am I right? This sweater is a little more knitted and thicker! It’s super cozy and a little more loose-fitting which is perfect to tuck into your jeans! I am wearing a size medium in this sweater.

Lots of graphic tees, but surely you cannot be surprised by my love for a good graphic tee? I’ve been eyeing these Levi tees for some time now and was so happy to find them at Target! I am wearing a size small in the black Levi tee and a medium in the white! I thought I would like the oversized look of the medium but will be returning it for a small since I don’t think it was as flattering not tucked in. 

This one is for my cardigan lovers, and no not Taylor Swift’s new single. (even though I am just obsessed with that song, as I am with these great staple fall knit cardigans from this year! Soft material in a great lightweight fabric. This comes in many colors!

I bought the mauve and rust colors in this cardigan! 

Wearing a size medium in both which seemed to fit me perfectly! I wanted these cardigans to be a little more drapey in the chest area. This cute neutral belt is also a find from Target!

And one more cardigan! This cardigan is a bit thicker of a knit material that will provide a lot more warmth than the ones above! I am wearing a size medium in this cardigan for a more oversized look! The headband is from Target as well.

It wouldn’t be fall without some great staple layers! I bought these basic layer long sleeve tees last year, and had to grab a couple more this year since I wore them almost at least twice a week! 

My perfect size in these tops is medium, where they don’t fit too tight or too loose!

I would highly recommend grabbing a few of your favorite colors for this fall season as well as for winter for a great staple layer in your closet.

This ribbed knit top is another great staple for those of you who live somewhere warmer during the fall and winter months! The ribbing is so flattering. I did get this top in rust but to be honest, I didn’t love it as much, so I ended up returning it.

I love to layer this ribbed tee under a cardigan or jacket. Even would be great for a more fall athleisure look with some cute joggers that Target just got in for fall from their Wild Fable line! 

This white fuzzy teddy long coat is going to be worn A LOT! I love it when you can find a fuzzy coat that doesn’t add 20 pounds to you. And let me tell you… this is that coat! RUNNNNN! I am wearing a size xs because it’s all that was currently in stock at my store. I wouldn’t mind sizing up to a small just because the sleeves on the extra small are a little short on me but I can’t seem to part with this coat! This probably one of my favorite finds for this Target style fall haul for 2020.

It’s perfect to pair with any of the staple layer tops I just talked about above.

And lastly for the dresses!

To be honest I can’t imagine a prettier fall floral pattern than this! I am absolutely obsessed with this print and for anything smocked or baby doll! The only problem I found with this dress was the sleeves weren’t as flattering on me because I have a little more wider shoulder. But for anyone with regular or slimmer shoulders… HUNNY!!!! Would be so dreamy! Even though the puff sleeve is more minimal than most you will find, I still just had a hard time getting over my shoulders looking extra wide. But that might just be a personal preference I have for myself. These booties and headband are also from Target!

For size reference, I am wearing a size medium in this smocked fall floral dress.

Next up is a sweatshirt knit dress from Wild Fable. I absolutely love this color of this mineral wash gray! It comes in many colors and has more of a wide fit. Since it fits wider I paired with this cute thin belt that I picked up from Target that came in a set of 3!

I am wearing a size medium. A size small probably would have fit better, but I wanted more length with this dress.

And lastly, the sweater dress! I can’t emphasize enough on how soft and cozy this dress is! Probably would be cutest if you wore it with over the knee boots! I would pair it with leggings or tights for the colder months ahead! I am wearing an xs! This dress seemed to run a bit bigger. The headband I am wearing is also from Target!

So many cute finds, right!? Well, that’s it for now on the first part 1 series of the Target style fall haul of 2020. Hope you all enjoyed the try on! Let me know what items from this haul are your faves! I am now on where you can shop my links! As always, thank you for shopping through my links if you do choose to buy anything! 

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